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Mar 20, 2024

Announcing the daydream Experts in Residence Program

The search landscape is evolving rapidly, and achieving sustainable organic growth requires an equally dynamic and adaptable SEO strategy. Growth teams need a combination of deep SEO expertise and end-to-end tactical solutions to keep up. 

That’s why daydream is excited to launch its Experts in Residence Program, offering daydream customers access to a curated network of leaders who have built SEO programs at some of the fastest-growing companies. Now, daydream customers can automate the tactical elements of a robust SEO engine and glean the expertise of seasoned SEO strategists.

A new model for outsourced SEO  

Traditionally, businesses seeking outsourced SEO support would tap into agencies that bundled tactical execution (content creation, keyword research, etc.) with strategic guidance. This model was cost-prohibitive for many companies and often left them stuck between paying a fortune for strategy-heavy services or settling for a weak strategy and strong operational support. 

At daydream, we’re flipping the script. Our platform focuses on providing the best tactical tooling for programmatic SEO, but we also recognize the critical importance of removing strategy risk. That’s where our Experts in Residence Program comes in, offering the guidance you need to craft a successful SEO strategy at an affordable cost. 

Meet our founding resident, Matt Bowers

Two of the most renowned SEO programs were built and led by daydream’s founding Expert in Residence, Matt Bowers. Matt brings over a decade of SEO leadership experience at high-growth companies, including Zapier and Zillow. At Zapier, Matt scaled an SEO program that Ahrefs estimates now drives more than 9 million organic visits per month. 

Matt’s excited to bring similar results to daydream customers. “Whether it's programmatic SEO or a robust content engine, I love helping businesses find the best way to get their product in front of the right audience on Google. The experts in residence program is very unique and I'm honored to be here,” he said.  

Start building your pSEO program with daydream  

In the future, daydream will expand its Experts in Residence Program to include more SEO strategists for a curated network of top SEO talent available only to daydream customers. If you’re interested in using daydream and joining our growing list of customers like ProductHunt, Tome, and Notion, email us at [email protected] to start the conversation.

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© 2024 daydream Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 daydream Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2024 daydream Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.