Ashok Raju

Engineering Lead

“I see a world where businesses can easily craft a beautiful and coherent story about their brand, their mission and the value they provide.”

Ashok is an Engineering Lead at daydream.

He was was previously the Engineering Lead at Flixed. Ashok also co-founded Doji, a startup that gamified options trading ($4M raised from Golden Ventures and others), was employee #1 and Founding Engineer at Umano (acq. Dropbox), and a senior engineer at Social Capital, Google, and Dropbox.

Outside of his work at daydream, Ashok is also the founder and host of the Flow State podcast. Throughout his career, Ashok has seen his work as helping people discover, follow, and express their inner voice.

"Every human is unique, never occurring before and never to be repeated again. This uniqueness is expressed through our deepest curiosities and interests - an inner voice," Ashok said. "I believe we do ourselves and the world a disservice when we don't follow this inner voice. It is in discovering and expressing our deepest curiosities that we find joy and create value for ourselves and others."

For Ashok, daydream is an opportunity to express curiosity in machine learning and in marketing. "As an engineer, I've admittedly looked at marketing as an after thought," he said. "But today, I see more clearly that marketing embodies the powerful act of communicating value to those that need that value."

You can learn more about Ashok here.

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© 2023 daydream Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.

© 2023 daydream Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.